Insurance Products

  • House Insurance – Your house, your property that you worked hard for needs to be well protected against the most common risks such as fire, theft, water damage and the like. Due to the fact that every property is different we search for what is the best cover for you and which best caters for your needs.
  • Car Insurance – When you make a trip by car, the most important thing is that you drive every kilometre with maximum tranquillity. We offer you full insurance cover to make sure that it will always be like this.
    Services & Covers
    •Flexibility in taking out policies: you can choose the covers that meet your needs best.
    •Emergency roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including the vehicle and the passengers.
    •You are free to choose the garage you want to repair your car.
    •If you are a good driver we will maintain your no claim discount that you might have with your other company.
    •Good discounts for expatriate clients.
  • Integral Health Insurance – With Integral Insurance the insured can go directly to the specialist without being on a waiting list. The insured has a large medical framework at his disposal where he can choose the doctor and the hospital centre he prefers. We are aimed at covering all the periods of the insured’s life offering favourable coverages like assisted reproduction, psychology (in consultations and by telephone), complete dental coverage and the best services for child health. All this is available in more than 1,150 clinics and more than 40,000 doctors are at the disposal of the insured.
  • Prestigio Health Insurance – With Prestigio Insurance you can have free access to any hospital and doctor in the world. This product is among the most competitive products concerning the price as well as the coverage with regard to the concurrence. Medical, hospital and surgical assistance in centres of your own choice with reimbursement of up to 90% of the costs. At national level, if you use the medical frameworks it covers 100%.
  • Commercial Liability Insurance – Many people start a new business and give services in different areas. Also a lot of foreigners see the opportunity to set up a business here in Spain. This is not without risk. So we can offer you full coverage for your business and an additional liability insurance.
  • Marine Insurance – With such a beautiful sea on our doorstep it is very inviting to sail. That can be rowing, sailing or owning a beautiful yacht. The law obligates us to have as a minimum requirement a liability insurance. If you want to be protected against theft, fire or other risks we can give you professional advice.
  • Life Insurance & Pensions – Covering a financial risk for mortgages or providing financial protection for our family members in case something unexpected happens. We offer you a tailored solution.
  • Funerals – The worst that can overcome us is that one of our loved ones or someone close to us passes away. The arrangements for burial or cremation or even to transport the person back to your home country can be insured. But if there is no insurance we can mediate with people who have a lot of experience, and who care for your feelings, to make this difficult time less painful.

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